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The development of the first prototype of the guitar stand required almost one year of work.

guitar stands Officine Armony Design

Several aspects had to be combined: the innovative design, the product quality, its craftsmanship; and all this combined with functionality and aesthetics.

It was necessary to convert what had been drawn on paper into practice; the needed step at this point was to find a craftsman to give shape to the idea.

Easier said than done, indeed, since the interest shown for the idea at the beginning was always in conflict with the little time that each one of the people involved had to dedicate to the project.

However, strong stubbornness sometimes rewards, and after several rejections, a young master carpenter with a careful and keen sense of design decided to bring his expertise into this project.

Designers do not just create the shape of an object and replicate it.

Designing means creating something by verifying that it has a practical use.

Design Stand

The guitar stand design had to respect standards and functionalities conceived for the intended users.

Questa immagine ha l'attributo alt vuoto; il nome del file è 0080-0081-2.jpg

We tested various materials and discarded as many as not very functional.

Finally, we decided that the most suitable material to be used was a multilayer birch panel.

In order to give the panel the wonderful grains typical of “solid” wood and to eliminate the problem of its heavy weight, we decided to veneer it with ash.

Multilayer wood is a product made from sheets of birch, poplar and beech..

Since they are soft woods, they are easy to work with.

Usually a multilayer panel is made by overlapping at least 5 sheets glued together.

The thickness usually varies between 8 and 30 millimetres.

The wood

La regola vuole che gli strati del pannello siano sempre dispari in modo tThe rule is that the layers of the panel should always be odd-numbered so that the grains of the first and last layers have the same direction.

Multilayer wood differs from the plywood in the number of sheets that are glued together.

In the second product there are only 3 layers, with a consequent reduction in thickness and resistance.

The type of wood used, the glue and also the technique with which the sheets are glued affect the characteristics of the multilayer panel.

Multilayer wood is ideal for DIY product because it is easy to work with and very durable.

Multilayered woods can be cut and drilled; in addition they are also suitable when using assembly screws.

The crossed fibres of the panel guarantee excellent stability and great resistance to bending.

All our panels are coated with fireproof paints.

The main characteristics of these multilayer birch panels are:

  • Good elasticity and flexibility.
  • Medium hardness.
  • Medium lightness.
  • Light colour ranging from pinkish white to yellowish.
  • Good glue assembly

After solving countless other construction problems, “Thalia” was born: the first guitar and bass stand from Officine Armony Design.

The idea had taken shape and at last we had all the fundamental features, enclosed in one holder.

They were now materializing before our eyes.

Each stand produced comes with a label identifying it with the logo, serial number and is also marked “Proudly made in Italy”.

The distinguishing festures

Competece, professionality, style, refinement, elegance, design and craftsmanship combined to shape a guitar and bass stand for many but not for everyone.

Officine Armony Design

At the same time as creating the prototype of the guitar and bass stand, we needed to create a logo that would make us easily distinguishable.

We needed something that would make the fans understand the refinement of the product that Officine Armony would be offering.

It was by chance that it was decided to choose the Triton playing a shell as the central image of the logo.

Indeed, pieces of wood brought back from the sea can often be seen on sandy shores.

These “survivors” to the waves power are moulded by salt and sunlights.

They are subjected to severe weather conditions and come from faraway places beyond the horizon; places that we are often unaware of.

These woods carry with them all their history, the same that Officine Armony Design wants to share with you.

However, the work on the logo for the guitar holder was far from being completed.

What was still missing was a name and a message that would clearly express – without half-measures – the purpose of the project.

Logo officine armony design
Black logo officine armony design

ELogo Evolution

Two strips of parchment were then inserted above and below the triton.

These remained empty for some time until, almost by coincidence, the idea took shape on its own.

The name Officine Armony was chosen to convey two types of message.

The word “Officine” highlights the fact that our standss are entirely handcrafted, according to the skills and mastery typical of the art of woodworking.

Craftsmanship in Italy represents a history made of traditions and crafts, handed down from generation to generation since the mists of time.

In Italian, the words “arte” (art) and “artigiano” (craftsman) derive from the Latin ‘ars’, meaning profession, craft, skill, talent.

The craftsmaship typical of the Italian people is a heritage that must be preserved.

Italy’s great craftsmanship tradition will become more and more relevant and appreciated.

I am convinced that in the next few years there will be an increasing demand for professionalism based on competences that machines are unable to replicate.

Guitar Stands

I am very keen on this concept.

guitar stands

Our products are entirely handcrafted and are very distant from the logic of mass production to which the market has accustomed us in recent years.

Since the displays are handcrafted, it will take at least two weeks before the finished product can be shipped to the customer.

As for the term “Armony”, it refers to a concept of harmony in terms of shape and proportions.

The idea of beauty and the concept of gracefulness meant as order, harmony and proportion of parts is fully expressed in the classic philosophy.

We normally consider something well-proportioned to be “beautiful”.

Since the Greek ancient times, we have been identifying beauty with proportion, pleasantness of colour and magic of light.

Aesthetic balance and harmony are fixed points of good design and deserve the appropriate attention.

Man as a consumer of the environment has to be necessarily educated in the concept of harmony.

All that was missing at this stage was the “motto”, and then the last parchment would have been filled.

“Never too much for your baby” was a brainwave while watching an American movie from the 1950s.

The statement was immediate, straight and needed no explanation, fully summing up the essence of the whole project.

Over the last few months we have also registered our trademark, which we are particularly proud of.

We are also likewise glad that our product is completely made in Italy, and this is where our “Proudly made in Italy” comes from.

stand thalia

What makes us different

Our guitar stands are designed for guitar estimers and musicians who consider their instrument just like their partners in life, whether it be guitar or bass.