The project and who we are

The Officine Armony project

The Officine Armony Design project was born, like most projects, from a need of the company’s founder.

Being a collector of guitars and basses, I was looking for a design solution that would allow me to display the instruments in my loft.

I consider myself a great passionate and I necessarily wanted my guitars and basses to be enhanced.

The stand had to compete both in beauty and value with the instrument on display.

I started to evaluate what the market had to offer, but I didn’t find anything really interesting that would suit my tastes.

Am I maybe a collector and a musician who is too demanding?

Simple: the market is not offering anything noteworthy, at least until now.

The Officine Armony project arose from that: to create designer guitar and bass stands.

There was nothing similar to what I had in my mind; and I accepted to set the idea aside for a few months.

What I couldn’t conceive of was why a collector or musician would have to be satisfied with a simple stand for their instrument.

I kept asking myself why we couldn’t have something that could compete in beauty and value with what we had on display.

To state it provocatively: what would be the point of exhibiting a Rembrandt or a Picasso in a plastic frame?

Collecting has always meant gathering objects with the aim of creating an increasingly orderly and systematic cataloguing.

Obviously, it is not a simple collection of objects for its own sake, or a slavish accumulation of things.

Collecting always has existential implications in the personal and sentimental spheres of those who practice it.

Such implications reflect the taste, aesthetic sensitivity and personality of the person pursuing this passion.

It is extremely rare for it to have practical implications; this must be underlined.

The collector is essentially an amateur, a person who in one way or another is fascinated by what he collects.

The musician, on the other hand, is different. Basically, he tends to establish a relationship of interdependence with his instrument.

As time goes by, the musician perceives his instrument as an extension of his body.

Who are our guitar stand designed for?

The display stands for both guitars and basses handrafted by Officine Armony Design® are designed for these two categories of people.

For those with an aesthetic sensibility, for those with an affection for their instrument, for those who are not satisfied.

In other words, our displays are made for those who believe that their bass or guitar deserve more.

Metaphysical and semantic speculations aside, the seed had already been planted.

Finding myself increasingly dissatisfied with the “stylistic effect” of the exhibition made of cheap and commercial guitar and bass stands, I decided to start drawing what I had in mind.

I started with a quickly made freehand drawing that did not claim to being a finished work.

The project and who we are
The project and who we are

A sketch can have a number of purposes.

It can capture on paper something the designer sees or simply develop an idea to be used later.

It can be used to graphically show an image, an idea or a concept.

A sketch is the embryonic form of a drawn work.

The need to put an idea down on paper arises basically from three causes.

The first one is that it allows, in an easy, fast and cheap way, to have a ready check of what you will get once the idea is realised.

The second reason stems from the considerable possibilities that the drawing offers in terms of quality achievement once the product is manufactured.

Basically, the design sets an aesthetic canon to strive for when making the product.

The third reason is that the drawing allows the conceptual stages of product development to be fixed.

In this view, the drawing allows us to define the stages of product manufacture.

We have already talked a lot about this, now follow us and we will show you our project.

Who are we at Officine Armony? Follow us and discover the project…

It all started here, from a need and a simple drawing on a piece of paper.

Main armony guitar stand